Peck and the Daikinis

Peck and the Daikinis go forth
"You are Hot Carl"

Sitting in the Tavern of Seahaven one evening, the three members of Peck and the Daikinis (Jon-tom Merriwether on Panflute, Niggy Tardust on Bagpipes, and Spork Thatcher on Bass Lute) discuss their need for a front-man: an adventurer from which to take bardic inspiration and, more importantly, to absorb the brunt of any damage suffered in battle. They discuss convincing an adventurer of the need to have them write songs of their tales or, if that fails, just pay a mercenary to do stuff while they watch. First, though, they'd probably need more money.

A patron at the bar overhears and tells them that the Barclay Expeditionary is looking for Agents to reposess items loaned to adventurers and is willing to pay a good price: 20% of the item value. The band agrees that this is a good way to make some coin.

The next day, the group shows up at Barclay's Expeditionary and pushes through the showroom to the back to meet the Collections Officer. Niggy sees inexperience in the officer and attempts to take advantage by claiming to be returning a reposessed item: NIggy's dagger. The Collections Officer believes the lie, reasoning that they must have lost the paperwork, but is only able to offer a couple of silver pieces for a useless dagger. Niggy casts prestidigitation in attempt to convince the officer that the dagger was magic and worth much more, but the Officer, having cast identify, is not fooled. Niggy elects to keep his dagger, which the Officer allows since the paperwork is missing anyway.

The Officer gives the band an assignment: Ar Glimfast, a guard who has taken out an entire set of armor and weapons on credit but has defaulted. The loan was originally only given to Ar at the request of his uncle, Grim Glimfast, captain of the Pinnacle Caravan. The band agrees to the assignment. Niggy attempts to use mage hand to help the officer "lose" the paperwork for Ar, but this ruse is easily found out. The Officer is baffled, and Spork covers, grabbing Niggy by the collar and explaining "never mind our friend, he's kind of a dick." As the band leaves, two sellswords walk past to talk to the Officer for their own assignment.

Standing outside the expeditionary, the band realized they have no idea what to do. Because of Niggy's dagger ruse, the Officer assumed that they were experienced and explained nothing about the job. The band catches the sellswords as they leave and to ask them what they are supposed to be doing. More precisely, Spork intimidates them, successfully staggering one, though the other stands firm. The braver of the two gives an offer: give them the Ar Glimfist papers or die. Niggy is quick to whip out his bagpipes and put the two sellswords to sleep and then run away. A nearby child watching over a fence is unsurprised. Spork beats the brave one unconscious (redundant, in view of the fact that he was already asleep). Jon-tom loads his crossbow, points it at the coward sellsword, and slaps him awake.

Jon-tom explains, "I have a better offer. You give us the assignment you got from Barclays, and join us to complete both."

Still intimidated by Spork, and now the arrow pointed at his face, the coward quickly agrees. 

"What's your name?" Jon-tom asks.

"Carlos, but you can call me whatever you want"

"You are Hot Carl" Jon-tom replies, still looking down his crossbow at the new band frontman.

The second assignment is Brand Hardhand, also with the Pinnacle Caravan. He has a crossbow that needs to be returned. Hot Carl reveals that he and his partner were headed to the markets, where the caravan was last known to be gathered.

The band wanders the markets for a while looking for the caravan. Passing a merchant's table, Niggy attempts to palm a small trinket, but is totally obvious about it. He gets called out by the shopkeeper. Spork is quick to grab Niggy by the collar (again) and explain "never mind our friend, he's kind of a dick" (again). The shopkeeper does not disagree and calls for the guards. Spork's attempt to intimidate him out of this course of action fails, and the shopkeeper calls louder for the guards. Jon-tom and Spork run away, leaving Niggy and Hot Carl to deal with the guards. Hot Carl immediately surrenders, but Niggy successfully explains that it was all an understanding.


market, wander, fail steal, intimidate, run, persuade guard, racism

play music to find each other, play Ballad of Pinnacle Caravan, go to drink

Kegstands, Grim Glimfast, ask about caravan, then Ar, Ar left last seen with treehuggers, offered 25g to bring him back

Niggy friends with Brand Hardhand, hammers weapons, crossbow toy, cant  shoot it going to return it, hand to Niggy, can take it back, no-need to return or officer sent, nudge hot carl, 

recruit Brand, Return crossbow, Hot Carl slips away

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